Desiccant Cartridge Dryer(Heat)

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Constant pressure dewpoint-40℃~-70℃ Biaxial cylinder four valves air inlet controller Temperature/pressure digital display Cartridge replacement reminder PDP data real time display Industrial grade controller DRAC energy saving system Heated regeneration

Technical Data Sheet of Micro-Heat Desiccant Cartridge Dryer

Standard working conditions:T≤35℃,P=0.7MPa;

Technical performance:PDP ≤ -40 ℃td, Purge air 2%, Pressure loss ≤ 0.02MPa, Noise ≤ 75db;

Regenaration mode: Micro heat regeneration

Standard power supply:220V 50Hz;

Recommend built in Biteman refrigerated dryer or other pre-coolers if inlet temperature higher than 40℃.;

Pressure dew point - 40 ℃ ~ - 80℃ temperature of four valve intake control system of double shaft cylinder, real-time detection of pressure, replacement of consumables, reminder function of industrial level digital control system, integrated drainage and micro heat regeneration

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